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Skilled design meisters
Devoted to sublime results

We have a passion for designing minimal,
elegant and clean websites for small businesses and nonprofits

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Cubex: Web Design Gurus

We have a passion for designing minimal, elegant and clean websites for businesses and NGOs

Check our work

Hello! Goededag! Bonjour! Hola!

Cubex is a small studio based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. We can help you to connect with your audience in a way they will never forget. See our recent work and don’t be afraid to get in touch .


This is what we live for

And we simply love it

Web Design for Businesses

We understand you want a website with an unique design, which isn’t just affordable but instantly connects with your audience. This is the kind of website your company can’t thrive without in this day and age.

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Web Design for Nonprofits, Cultural Organizations and Artists

We love our work and want to share this love with you. Why? We understand the influence great design can have on people. This is something incredibly important when you are a non profit, a museum or an artist. Together with amazing content, great design can help you reach the people who can make a difference for you and your organisation. Especially for people like you we offer free consultations. During this consultation we can discuss all the awesome things we can make happen for you. Don’t be shy, email us. We’d love to hear from you!

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Online Magazines and News Sites

We work with a dedicated and multi talented team here at Cubex. Our team is especially talented in the art of designing perfect news and magazine style websites. We understand that a website in this style needs to be focussed on the content, rather than the design. Our news websites are clean, minimalist, contemporary and pixel-perfect. The ideal fit.

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We love it when you see your wishes come true

Bescause that’s just how we work

  • Research

    Before we even think about the design and content of your site we need to know your company inside out, because without understanding you we do not have a hope of understanding what you want and need from your website. We’ll gather all relevant information - why you need a website, what you want from your website, who your target audience is, what your goals are, what content you require on your site, and what your budget is, plus any other salient points that you wish to communicate to us - so that we can build you the perfect website.

  • Design

    This is where all the information gathered regarding target market and company ethos is essential. Just as the tone and language used in a piece of writing has to be tailored to who will be reading it, the look of a website must reflect the demographic viewing and interacting with it. We work closely with you throughout the design stage to guide you through our creative vision for your site. We put our hearts and souls into our designs and the result is always pixel perfect and oozing our signature minimalist, clean, fresh style.

  • Development

    If the design stage is the beauty, the development stage is the brain. This is where your concept and our graphics are transformed into a living, breathing website. The homepage is developed first, followed by templates for the interior pages. We then take the list of feature requirements, decided upon during the research phase, and add them to the relevant pages - this includes contact forms, comment boxes, video / media players and social networking links.

  • Delivery

    We install and test all components for functionality and compatibility, ensuring that everything works and that it can be viewed in its full form in the most up-to-date browser versions. We then deliver a test platform where you will be able to view your brand new website and check that it conforms to your vision in both design and functionality. Once you’re happy and approval has been granted, the website will be delivered to your server, given a final test and then launched. You now have a live website, ready for viewing!

  • Maintenance

    We will of course provide you with thorough video training and documentation and part of our service is to install a Content Management System (CMS) with which you can update and edit existing text and images yourself. However, we are always on hand to assist with system updates should you require that service. The possibilities are endless and this is just the beginning of your online success!

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We are proud of our work

All our websites are created with love & passion

During the last eight years of our professional designing career, We have provided services for clients from all over the world; from the Middle East to the US, and from Malaysia to the Netherlands. We always inject the same amount of passion and love into each work, whoever the client and whatever the budget.



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Created to last

Crazy about our work and our clients

Cubex is a small, professional web design company dedicated to providing its customers with exceptional website design solutions. Here at Cubex, our professional team works with its clients to create new websites and other professional website design solutions. We have a passion for designing minimal, elegant and clean websites for customers and we take pride in bringing creative designs to life every time. Our friendly team is only an e-mail away, so why not contact us today and find out about the magic we can create for you?

Also we are highly experienced in designing websites that support both European and Middle Eastern languages, having worked with Dutch, English, Arabic and Persian (Farsi) speaking clients. For a sharp, professional looking website that delivers hard-hitting news stories in a language of your choice, contact us now.

Contact us:

[email protected]

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