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If I think very well, it should be about 13 years ago when I started blogging. Using Microsoft FrontPage to create HTML pages and writing about my daily routines. Although “routines” won’t be a precise word as I never had such a thing! In that time, I was at the first year of university and just bought my first computer. With the use of dial-up connection and MS FrontPage I was creating the my first -so called- website. And actually at that time, I didn’t have any credit card to buy my own domain name. It was more than a year after when I bought daanial.com (which is now forwarding to this site).

Blogging changed my life in many ways. I met different people and I heard many times that I influenced people in different ways. That led to meeting my former boss who made it possible to migrate to the Netherlands and start a new life. Blogging led to meeting two of my best friends and closest people in my life.

I got known by my blog and during years it had advantages and disadvantages in my life. I opened myself and my feelings without any boundary and started sharing everything in the most naive way. All of that, made me stop writing, sharing and trusting others. It made it hard to write and specially express myself freely in a language other than my mother tongue.

It has been a long time since then and I have seen a lot. I’ve experienced many things and in my thirties, hopefully I can say that I learnt a little bit.

This blog although, won’t be about me but about my passions and interests. This is a company blog and as Cubex focuses on Web Design, this should be the core focus of this blog. In the last years, here at Cubex, we have designed many websites, couple of mobile applications and empowered many social and cultural groups with the help of internet to be heard and seen.

We supported and contributed open source content management systems like WordPress by creating free themes and supporting WordCamp conferences here and there and all of this was a tiny effort to make the web a better and more beautiful place. To combine business with conscious  and higher values and stand for something more than money and profit.

It wasn’t always easy. For me, as we Web / UI designer, management of a small business wasn’t always my best expertise. But “when there is a will, there is a way” and here I am going to share with you whatever I see on this way and whatever I find useful for others.

Stay connected and we have a long way to go!

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