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We designed two beautiful UI for the very popular Moto 360 SmartWatch. The most important part of the design was the usability of the watch. It wasn’t just about time. Users had to be able to do numerous things with their Smart Watch, from checking the date or the weather, to listening to music. The end result was an elegant and beautiful design.

My assignment was creating a home interface for a smartwatch with possibility of showing time, weather and maybe music control buttons and my design process went through all processes of research, sketching, wireframing and design. Also you can see more about the interaction presentation here.
Designing for a small screen is a complicated process and it is getting harder when you deal with a 320 x 290 pixels; 205 ppi screen. Specially something which is not categorised as high density screen and somehow hard to touch.
Meanwhile even more difficult to touch the right button when you have a bigger than average fingers or you’re not well adapted to touch devices. All of these points, makes it hard and quite careful process to design for a smart watch and needs learning and re-learning from user and how she/he touches and uses this device.
In this process, we had access to (quite well-documented) data from other touch devices (mostly smartphones) but there are not enough information about how users are using smart watches.

By Danial Keshani.

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